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Performance Realty Management, LLC.

The Management team has many years of experience buying and selling real estate. Performance Realty Management, LLC. is managed by an experienced team of professionals who are focused on building liquidity and financial strength in the real estate market. Performance Realty Management, LLC. was created by top industry professionals.

Management Team

Seasoned chief executive and entrepreneur with proven track record.

Mr. Zar brings more than twenty years experience in operations, evaluation, investment and management of real estate assets. Sean is responsible for new asset origination, evaluation, analysis and due diligence as well as overall executive direction. Mr. Zar also gained insight into capital markets as the founder and president of CBA Capital, Inc., a Newport Beach, CA based investment bank and venture capital company. He also was the founder and CEO of American Income Securities, an investment company with more than $50 million in client assets. He also managed a technology venture capital fund where he was responsible for equity and debt investments in a wide variety of companies. Mr. Zar sold his interest in American Income Securities in 1999.

Mr. Zar has been an active real estate investor in Arizona as well as Colorado and Southern California. Mr. Zar is focused on discovering undervalued properties.

Working with Mr. Zar is his Managing Partner Jack Combs.
Mr. Combs graduated from California State University Fullerton in 1971. He is also a graduate in the masters program at USC Los Angeles and has taught numerous classes in business and finance. After college he joined Shell Oil Company as a Marketing manager.

After two years, his interest in the financial services industry led him to a career in the investment banking industry with E.F. Hutton & Co. Thirteen years later, he founded Monetary Trading International in Newport Beach, California. As President and CEO working with corporate clients, the company specialized in the foreign currency markets. In 1992 he moved to Scottsdale, Arizona and became involved in the real estate opportunities.

As Managing Director of American Realty Partners, Mr. Deegan brings more than thirty years of real estate development, accounting, finance and sales experience to the table for the benefit of ARP shareholders.

Mr. Deegan served as Senior Vice President of a major public authority in New York State with more than $2 billion in real estate assets. In the private sector he participated in the development of single-family and resort properties in Central America, was involved in the syndication and distribution of real estate limited partnerships and real estate investment trusts with Merrill Lynch and Smith Barney, and has consulted with Performance Realty Management, the investment manager of American Realty Partners, on the implementation of business strategies designed to enhance shareholder value.

Mr. Deegan is a retired certified public accountant and lives in Scottsdale, Arizona.


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